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Add-on suggestion: additional domains

Hello people!
I love Local, it’s made my work as a web developer so much more efficient. I’m really thankful!

I have a suggestion for an add-on for Local – it would be nice to add additional domains to a site. The practical setup could maybe be something like this:

  • You create a new multisite with domain “englishsite.local”
  • The site uses e.g. Mercator or similar domain mapping to add “frenchhsite.local” and “spanishsite.local”
  • My suggestion would be that you then navigate to “More” and click on the “Domains”-addon and be presented with a form, very similar to how the Volumes add-on does it. Then you could add additional domains which would then be written to the host file and added in the site container so that these domains would resolve to the same container as “englishsite.local”.

Was this understandable? Please ask or correct me, or come with further suggestions.
I’d really like to make this myself, but i’m not familiar enough with how everything is put together. Is it doable in the current state of Local? Or do we need to do changes to Local to be able to do this?

Another reason for this function is that the “SYNC MULTI-SITE DOMAINS TO HOSTS FILE”-button does not work in our current WP setup. I suspect the reason for this is that we don’t have our DB credentials in the wp-config.php-file and that we also install WordPress with Composer in a sub-directory – “/app/public/wp”.

Anyone else that would like this functionality?


+1. This is definitively something I can use as well. I develop a premium plugin that relies on mercator for mapping and it would be great to be able to test domain mappings locally as well.

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