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Adminer won't open the correct database when multiple sites are running

When multiple sites are running, the Adminer links all only open the database for the first site. In order to access the database for Site 2, for example, I need to stop Site 1.

This started with Local 5.6.1, and then updated to 5.6.2 today to see if it resolved the issue, but it did not.

Running on Windows 10.

This is still happening in 5.6.9+4617. Are there plans to fix this? Or a way to download an older version of Local that still works?

Windows 10

You might try using a separate program to view the databases–not as convenient in some ways, but it continues to work. I use HeidiSQL and may have started with this tutorial: How can I connect a tool such as MySQL Workbench to my Local site's database?

Hey @robincornett and @tkdennis – Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I was able to replicate this odd behavior and filed a bug report here:

If you’d like to follow along with the progress of that bug please upvote it!

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