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Error Installing Add-on on Linux

Hi all,

I was trying to install the Notes add-on in the latest Local version and I getting an error like this:

Error Installing Add-on
EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted, rename '/tmp/local-.../'..

I managed to install manually the add-on by copying the package folder from /tmp into /home/user/.config/Local/addons/

It’s fine for me, but maybe the devs want to look into it.

Hi @lokal,

Thanks for the bug report!

What distribution of Linux was this on? Also, do you have /tmp and /home on separate partitions/drives?

Hi @clay,

Thanks for the bug report!

Don’t mention it!

What distribution of Linux was this on?

Arch Linux

Also, do you have /tmp and /home on separate partitions/drives?

Yes. /home (ext4) and /tmp (btrfs subvolume) are on separate drives.

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Rock on, thanks for the info! I’ve filed a bug in our internal tracker.

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We received a similar bug report from a user trying to install the VSCode + Xdebug add-on from within Local today. Details are in the linked issue above. Is the fix for this bug still in development @clay?

So I’ve discovered the installer only recognizes a .tar.gz or .tgz file and not a .zip file. Both, however give the following error dialog.

Adding the decompressed add-on to the addons folder does work. Obviously you need to restart Local, activate the plugin and restart Local again.

There’s definitely room for improvement in all of this, but here’s some notes from some of the tinkering I’m doing.

Using a download like this one:

I’m getting the same error modal as @afragen

I went ahead and extracted that tarball, and then re-built things and packed it:

tar xzf local-addon-xdebug-vscode.tar.gz && cd local-addon-xdebug-vscode && npm run build && npm pack

That new archive imports fine for me on both the latest stable version as well as the latest beta version.

Since I don’t do much work with Node, I don’t pay attention to the versions I have installed, but maybe that’s at play when building these archives?

$ npm --version && yarn --version && node --version