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Error installing my New site Wordpress Opcache Problem

Anyone encounter this problem before “fatal error base address marks unusable memory region. Please setup opcache.file_cache and opcache.file_cache_fallback directive for more convenient Opcache useage.”

Hi Shane,

Sorry for the trouble with PHP Opcache!

What operating system did you encounter this on?

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Hi Clay,
i using Windows 7

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Same thing, Windows 7 Pro - Local 5.6.1

Here’s a screenshot.

I got this working by commenting out all the opcache lines in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Local\resources\extraResources\lightning-services\php-7.3.5+8\conf\php.ini.hbs

But now all I see is: No Input File Specified when I try to view the site. This is my first experience with Local and so far this has been straight-up terrible. I might as well just install Apache+phpMyadmin+MySQL myself.

Uninstall & reinstall latest Local version also same happen. Any idea? OS is Windows 7 pro

OK, i just found Local 5.6.1 version NOT support windows 7. I install local 5.3.1 n everything back to normal, waste 4 hours :sweat_smile: