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Introducing Local Beta Group

Update (September 3rd, 2020): You can now visit Local Beta and download Local Beta without joining the Local Beta group!

2019 has been a breakout year for Local. We launched Local for Teams, Local Pro, and behind the scenes rebuilt Local in our Lightning release. During these releases and upgrades, we shipped a few different versions of Local. At times this has been confusing, so we went back to the (virtual) whiteboard and dreamt up a better way to share Local builds.

Introducing Local Beta

Starting today, Local will have a regular beta program: Local Beta. This will arrive as Local Beta.app and be updated weekly with the latest commits to our master, internal build of Local.

In the past, we’ve shipped betas under different names (ie: Local Lightning.app) and with different frequency, so we want to clear things up with a regular, consistent beta schedule. Commits in Local Beta will move over to Local’s stable distribution when we feel those features are stable. Schedule TBD.

Join Local Beta

Interested in joining the beta? Join the beta group for access to the latest Local innovations.

Local Beta Releases

PS: Local Lightning doesn’t have a specific beta channel anymore. Local Lightning became Local (our primary release) in September 2019.

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