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Is there a Maximum database size?

I have a 10GB database that I tried to connect to an instance of Local Lightning to no avail. It kept giving me errors so, I uninstalled Local and decided to install a LAMP stack instead.

However, I am ready to give Local Lightning another try and I am wondering is there a maximum size that the database cannot exceed?

I do not want to go throuh the trouble of reinstalling if I cannot get the database and Local to p,ay well together.

Hi @Cuzin,

There’s no set maximum to the database size, but there are upload limits in the built-in Adminer tool for database management.

How are you going about importing the database? Can you provide the errors you were running into?

Hello, Clay,

Thanks for the quick response.

I cannot accurately say, at the moment, as I have not yet reinstalled Local.

However, as soon as I hit that bump in the road, I will be sure to let you know.

For now, I wanted to get that cleared up before I “set sail” again.

Understandable! I’m eager to hear more :smiley:


You mentioned

“there are upload limits in the built-in Adminer tool”

I am curious as to what they are and how to overcome them, if need be. The website, including the database, is approximately 14GB (compressed) and, as a result, it takes quite a while to import; like an hour or so.