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Languages option

Hi Everybody! Greetings from France.

Local By Flywheel has became THE way to install WordPress Locally. But as you know. A vast majority of WP user doesn’t use WP in English.

Fallback :

  • Install a first website, change language in admin, make a blueprint

Issues :

  • Privacy Policy Page is generated in english

How I see it :

  • An option in LBF Settings panel to install futures site in a particular language by default
  • A select option in the 3 step install process

Why add this feature soon?

  • it’s an easy one (WP handle it natively now, WP-Cli too)
  • it doesn’t add complexity to the UI
  • Everybody will appreciate this feature!

By the way, you should consider to translate LBF aswell.

I think a lot of non english speaking people are not switching to LBF because of that.

We can help with the French version.
At WPChef we’ve helped translate dozens of plugins as PTE (but also ACF pro, Divi…)