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Loading my websites onto Local using Updraft Premium backup files

I am having trouble getting started with Local.

If I can get started and see that it works for me, I will sign up by PRO.

I am running 5 WordPress sites.

I want to replicate one of them onto Local using the backup files that are generated with Updraft Premium.

There are two files that Updraft sends to me when I backup each of my 5 sites.

Let’s take one site.

Here are the two files (below).

Please tell me, STEP-BY-STEP, EXACTLY how enable the site on Local.

Please know that I tried your Flywheel community for instruction. Very confusing, and no help at all.






I haven’t tried using Updraft Premium, but it looks like the general steps can be found here:

You might also take a look at this Youtube video that goes into more detail about how to use the various features of Updraft: