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Local by Flywheel 2.4.6 (Windows only)

Release Date: November 1st, 2018
Available via Auto Updater: November 1st, 2018
Operating Systems: Windows

Download Local by Flywheel 2.4.6 for Windows

  • SHA1: 8f8af21cb2a151cb843629fd1a69f704cf9e9e5a

What’s New in 2.4.6

Bug Fixes

  • Local will now suspend all VirtualBox virtual machines and close the VirtualBox GUI prior to upgrading VirtualBox
  • Local now suppresses the VirtualBox installer from restarting when upgrading VirtualBox
  • Clicking on the close button in the top-right of Local’s window will no longer leave lingering processes which keep Local from re-open

What’s New in 2.4.5

Bug Fixes

  • Sites containers are stopped prior to cloning a site to ensure that MySQL and other services are properly shutdown

What’s New in 2.4.4


  • Local now checks for a minimum Local version on Environments. This allows us to add Local version requirements to Environment updates.


  • Empty directories are now included in site exports including Pushes to Flywheel
  • Bumped minimum VirtualBox version to v5.2.10 for all users
    • Bumped minimum VirtualBox version to v5.2.20 for users running macOS Mojave
  • Bumped recommended VirtualBox to v5.2.20

Bug Fixes

  • VM Shutdown confirmation is now not shown when auto-updating Local or restarting after toggling Add-ons in Preferences » Add-ons
  • Fixed issue where sites would say that they’re not compatible with Connect to Flywheel immediately after starting the site
  • Improved handling of possible API errors with Connect to Flywheel

Third-party Dependencies

  • Bumped Docker/Boot2Docker to v18.06.1-ce
  • Bumped VirtualBox to v5.2.20