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Local by Flywheel 3.2.1

Local by Flywheel 3.2.1 is now available!

Community Release Date: May 21st, 2019

Operating Systems: macOS & Windows

Download Local by Flywheel 3.2.1 for macOS

  • SHA1: 5804cf5d0b2dc2aea00d1d0b1a69115c4f62d843

Download Local by Flywheel 3.2.1 for Windows

  • SHA1: eb6a569014923d2249617eeea8e1c220f21bd250

What’s New in 3.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • Connect: Resolved error when pushing to a Flywheel site with an older version of WordPress than what the Local site is running.
  • Fixed text in staging tooltip

What’s New in 3.2.0


  • Local for Teams!
    • MagicSync
      • Push/Pull to/from staging and production
      • Preview and choose what will be push/pulled
      • Differential syncing—only push/pull files that have changed
    • In-app Support Experience
    • Workspace Switcher


  • macOS: New downloads of Local on macOS are now distributed in a DMG rather than a zip.
  • Connect: There can now be separate incompatibilities for pushing vs. pulling. This means you can pull to an existing Local site where WordPress isn’t installed.
  • Connect: Removed overwrite warning text when pulling.
  • Connect: Removed account dropdown in the top-right in favor of the new Workspace Switcher in the top of the vertical navigation bar.
  • Developer Experience: Local has been converted to TypeScript! While you likely won’t see anything different now that Local is written in another subset of JavaScript, it does mean that the Local team will have a more enjoyable time developing Local :slight_smile:

Bug Fixes

  • Upon site start, the mysqld.sock and mysql.sock.lock files will be automatically removed in case they are lingering from an improper shutdown. This can help with the database not starting up in some cases.
  • Connect: Do not replace the WordPress prefix in columns and KEY’s when pushing to Flywheel
  • The updater window wasn’t using Dark Mode if enabled. It now does!
  • Added Windows toolbar to updater window.


  • The Live Links MU plugin now sends the Cache-Control: private header whenever the Live Link is enabled.

Add-on API Improvements

  • Emit siteStarted event when sites are started
  • New Filters:
    • FlywheelConnectSites_connectedSites
    • FlywheelConnectSites_availableSites
    • FlywheelConnectSites_incompatibleSites
    • SitesSidebar_sites
  • New Content Hooks:
    • FlywheelConnectSites_FlywheelHeader:Before
    • FlywheelConnectSites_TabNav:Before
    • FlywheelConnectSites_TabNav
    • FlywheelConnectSites_FlywheelSitesList:Before
    • FlywheelConnectSites_routes
    • SitesSidebar_SitesSidebarSites:Before
    • SitesSidebar_SitesSidebarSites

Third-party Dependencies

  • Update Electron to 4.2.0

  • Updated bundled version of WordPress to 5.2

  • Updated WP-CLI to 2.2.0

  • Updated React to 16.8.6

  • Updated @getflywheel/local-components to 8.5.2

What’s New in 3.0.5


  • Custom 1.3.2
    • Added PHP 7.3.2 as an available PHP version

Bug Fixes

  • macOS: Adjusted how Local is zipped up for distribution on macOS. This should resolve issues where certain unzipping tools would fail to unzip Local.


  • Upgraded VirtualBox to v5.2.26
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