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Local Window Offscreen, doesn't respond to windows "Snap" or maximize functions

Local was working “normally” and yesterday it prompted an update. Ran the update and now the Local window is above my screen and I cannot access it.

When I click the icon in the task bar I can see it animate open/closed but it goes above the screen (I have a single monitor).

I’ve restarted the program, restarted the computer, used windows’ “Cascade Windows” option, used “Snap Program to Left/Right” and nothing seems to show the app.

Any ideas?

I’m sorry that this is happening to you, that definitely sounds frustrating!

I wonder if there’s some sort of configuration issue? Can you try:

  1. Open Local’s configuration directory. On Windows, that’s C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Local

  2. Quit Local

  3. Try either updating the window-state.json file, or even deleting it

  4. Restart Local and see if that fixes things

Here’s a screenshot of that file on my Mac:

This worked! Deleting the file didn’t solve the problem but editing it and changing the x,y values and setting fullscreen to true did.

Thank you!!

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