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Permissions Issues with etc/hosts

I’m trying to start my site but I don’t understand why local isn’t prompting UAC. I’ve reinstalled it, disabled my firewall, changed permissions to full control and still nothing happens. I’m using Windows 10 and Local v5.4.1.
local-lightning.log (8.4 KB)

I’m running the same and not experiencing this problem. Are you seeing UAC prompts for other applications? It may be a problem with UAC and not Local.

Is the account you are using a standard windows account or an admin account?

Sorry for such a late reply. I am not seeing a UAC popup whenever i click fix it. This is what I see

Hmmm. You may have UAC turned off, in which case this article explains how to turn it on: https://articulate.com/support/article/how-to-turn-user-account-control-on-or-off-in-windows-10

I know I have UAC turned on because I use it for all programs on my computer. It’s the default setting on Windows.