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Too many connections

I searched first, but the only posts I saw were from 2017.

The live link gives and error that there are “too many connections.”

Any fixes for this?

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Hey @kallard ,

Live links are powered by Ngrok, and they have a limit on how many connections can be made per minute.

You can minimize the amount of request your site makes by minifying your CSS and JS files. The plugin Autoptimize should help with this or a more advanced caching plugin like WP Rocket would also help.

Hopefully, this works on your site!

Is there still a plan to improve Live Links and run the tunnel through Flywheel’s infrastructure rather than ngrok? (Referenced comment:
Error sharing my site )

Is that something available with LocalPro? I don’t see it mentioned in the product description. That would get me to purchase the Pro version. I understand it can be resource heavy for a free version.

Hi @nrm,

Great question! We’re currently looking at improving the live link feature (for Local Pro specifically,) either by running the tunnel through Flywheel infrastructure, or partnering with ngrok to provide a higher connection limit.

No specific timeline on that right now, but it is something we’re in thinking through in order to provide the best experience.