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Transferring a Live Site to Local: Best Practice


My first post! I’m not having much luck with importing a live site [www.ovenrestore.com.au] into Local to do further development.

What is the best practice?

I have tried utilising an Updraft Plus backup and dropping the drag-dropping the files but it gives an error to every combination of files I could put together, including a sql copy of the database.

I have tried transferring using duplicator (as I have used that elsewhere to successfully transfer sites) but the install.php gives a massive error.

I have even just tried copying the entire site over hoping that Local might recognise it as a site.

I could just rebuild the site as it is pretty basic. But How should it be done?

Sorry just to confirm I’m running Catalina 10.15.2 on a MacPro.

This is the error I get when using Duplicator:


Steve L

My local system is Ubuntu, I make a backup of my live website using Snapshot Pro. it produces a zip file. In Local, i click on File, Import Site and select my zipped file. Local handles the rest.

Thanks for the reply. I ended up using All-in-One to transfer it.Cheers

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