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How to use volumes with Local

Symlinks help you map directories outside your Local site into a specific directory within your Local site. Below, we’ll outline how to map a theme into our Local site.


Local Lightning doesn’t rely on virtualization, so we’ve deprecated the Volumes add-on which was previously used to map folders with your Local site. Use symlinks instead! They’re significantly faster than volume mounts and more reliable (especially when updating Local).


Open source folder

Locate the directory you want to link to your Local site.


Open destination

Where should this file be linked to?

In this example, we’ll be linking a theme from a different directory to my /wp-content/themes directory.


Open terminal

Type ln -s into your terminal window.

Then, add your source directory.

Then, add your destination directory.


On macOS, you can drag folders from Finder into Terminal to insert the directory automatically.