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Org Owner: How do I set up my Local for Teams account?


If you haven’t yet set up Local for Teams for your organization but would like to, contact our sales team.

Install Local for Teams

Be sure to download the version of Local that was provided in your Local for Teams invite email.

Mac users
Drag the new version of Local into your Applications directory. This will overwrite your old version. Don’t worry, your sites are safe!

Mac Replace Local App

Windows Users
Windows Double-click to open your installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Connect Local to your Flywheel account

If you’ve already connected to Flywheel within Local, your new Local for Teams features are ready to go.

You’ll notice your new Team Workspace switcher on the sidebar.

If you haven’t connected to Flywheel yet, open Local and click the blank avatar workspace switcher icon.

Click the Log In to Flywheel button.

A Flywheel login page should open in a new browser window. Complete the login steps to unlock the Local for Teams features.

Your workspace switcher should now be connected!

Manage organization members access to Local for Teams


Navigate to your organization dashboard

From your user dashboard in app.getflywheel.com navigate using the top navigation bar. Select Manage, then Organizations.

Select your Local for Teams-enabled organization.

Your organization should have the Teams (Beta) tag, verifying that you’re set up!


For a quick recap on how to manage users for your organization, check out our handy help doc here!


Click on the Members tab of your team’s organization dashboard

Your confirmed org members will now have an Invite to Local Team button. Click to grant that user access to Push from Local.

Local Teams power activated!


Manage Local Team Permissions

If you want to limit which version of your website organization members can push to, use the dropdown next to each user to control whether they can:

  • Push to staging only
  • Push to staging or production.

Remove Local Team Access

If you’d like to revoke a user’s access to a particular Local Team, simply select the ellipses icon for their user on the organization dashboard members tab. Youll see an to remove this user’s access to this Local Team.