Connect to Flywheel with Local

Local Connect is a way to move a site between your local machine and a remote environment. This help doc goes into detail about linking Local with your Flywheel hosting account. For additional info on using Connect, see this help doc.

To get started, navigate to the “Connect” tab in Local, and click the “Log in to your host” button.

A screenshot showing where to link Local to the remote hosting account.
Link Local to a remote hosting provider from the “Connect” tab in Local.
A screenshot of the available hosts that Local can link to.
Link Local to Flywheel by clicking the “Login” link next to Flywheel.
You’ll be prompted to log into your Flywheel hosting account.
Within the Flywheel account, confirm the link to Local.

Now that you’re logged in to your Flywheel account, you’ll get redirected back to Local. You’ll know you’ve logged in successfully because your Flywheel sites will now be listed within the “Connect” tab of Local!

Connect to Flywheel FAQ

Can I log in to more than one Flywheel account at once?

No. Only one Flywheel account is supported at this time, but you can always log out from one profile and log in to another!