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Live Links Pro

Live Links Pro is designed as a way to quickly share a Local site’s progress as well as gather feedback from a team, or client, without needing to push a site to a remote server.


The original version of Live Links was built on Ngrok, which wasn’t optimized for the kinds of traffic that WordPress sites generate.

Live Links Pro is rebuilt and includes many new features!

The main things that Live Links Pro gives you are:

  • Increased Connection Limit
    • Each Live Link Site Tunnel allows many more connections than previous versions of Live Links. This means that a Local site can be shared with many users as well as across many devices.
  • Persistent URLs
    • These URLs look something like: mysite.localsite.io
    • Each URL is tied to one Local Site. At this time, the URLs can’t be changed, though that is something that is planned and will be available soon! If you do need a different Live Link for a site, export the site and re-import it to claim a new Live Link.
  • Secure Connections
    • Because each Live Link that is enabled is a way for someone to have remote access to your computer, each Local Pro Live Link is a secure connection over HTTPS and has Privacy Mode enabled.


Live Links Pro is only available for Local Pro users who have their subscription through Local Hub.

If you’ve purchased Local Pro through your Flywheel Hosting account (if you have, you’ll see the subscription on your Billing Page) you can follow the steps in this help doc: