How do I uninstall Local by Flywheel on macOS?


Local Classic is no longer supported so the instructions in this help doc may no longer apply or work.

For more information about upgrading to the latest version of Local, see this help doc:


These instructions are for a much older version of Local (v3.3.x and below)

For more recent instructions on uninstalling Local, see the Uninstalling Local help doc.

To remove the Local’s Virtual Machine, open VirtualBox and right click on the local-by-flywheel machine. Select “Remove” to delete the Virtual Machine.


This is a destructive step and will cause all of the data within the Local Sites’ Databases to be lost.


Move Local to Trash

Go to /Applications and move Local by to Trash


(Optional) Uninstall Virtual Box

Uninstall VirtualBox if you no longer want it (see Virtual Box for information on deleting their software.)


Delete User Files

Remove ~/Library/Application Support/Local by Flywheel. You can get to ~/Library/Application Support by opening Finder and pressing Cmd + Shift + G


Edit Your Hosts File

Check your /etc/hosts file and remove the Local by Flywheel block and sites if they exist in there. To edit your /etc/hosts files open Terminal and type sudo nano /etc/hosts