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How do I uninstall Local by Flywheel on Windows?


The instructions in this help doc relate to an older version of Local called “Local by Flywheel” and are no longer correct for more recent versions of Local (above v 5.0)

For more information about migrating from Local by Flywheel to the new version of Local, see this help doc:

Migrating from Local by Flywheel to Local “Lightning”

To remove the Local’s Virtual Machine, open VirtualBox and right click on the local-by-flywheel machine. Select “Remove” to delete the Virtual Machine.


This is a destructive step and will cause all of the data within the Local Sites’ Databases to be lost.


Uninstall Local

Go to Programs and Features and uninstall Local by Flywheel


(Optional) Uninstall Virtual Box

Uninstall VirtualBox if you no longer want it (see Virtual Box for information on deleting their software.)


Delete User Files

Remove %AppData%\Local by Flywheel if it exists after uninstall


Delete App Folder

If it still exists after uninstall, remove %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\local-by-flywheel