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What is Local Pro?

On top of all your favorite Local features, Local Pro is a premium version that has everything you need to streamline an advanced WordPress development workflow.


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Local Pro features

In addition to all the features you get with Local Community, Local Pro will give you access to:

  • MagicSync – Forget about FTP. Use MagicSync to push only the files you’ve edited! It’s a faster and more reliable way to push big sites.
  • Staging deployments – Local Pro gives you the power to push to staging before production, so you can be confident in your work before going live.
  • Priority support – Get in-app support on top of the Local Forums. Local Pro gives you access to over 100 WordPress experts ready to help you troubleshoot.


MagicSync is our one-of-a-kind technology that syncs only the files that have changed since your last push or pull. This gives you visibility into file changes and greatly improves deployment (and is secure, more reliable, and faster than FTP deployment solutions)!

MagicSync works with both pushing and pulling sites, with both staging and production deployment. With MagicSync, you can preview your changes before they go live and benefit from:

  • Cache busting: We’ll clear your site’s cache when you launch changes.
  • Backups: We back up your site every two hours when you’re pushing changes.
  • Security: Unlike FTP (which exposes a direct connection to your site), MagicSync is routed through a separate micro-service before deploying.

MagicSync is included in Local Pro and Local for Teams.

Staging deployments

Users will have the ability to push to/pull from production and staging environments on Flywheel! As a Local Pro customer, a new staging option appears when you choose to push or pull from a site on Flywheel.

Staging deployments is included in Local Pro and Local for Teams.

Premium support for Local

Don’t worry about leaving Local to find answers to your questions. With Local Pro, you can submit support tickets directly from the app to Flywheel’s talented team of WordPress experts!

Submitting a ticket from Local will also send along important diagnostic logs/data to help us resolve your issue faster. Need in-depth support? We can remote into your computer and troubleshoot your Local for Pro installation.

Support for Local is included in Local Pro and Local for Teams.

To learn more about Local Pro and how it compares to Local Community or Local for Teams, head to the Local pricing page