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Organize your projects with Workspaces

With Teams, your personal and professional projects are organized neatly within their own workspaces. When your team publishes new sites on Flywheel, you’ll see them on your team’s Connect page.

Easily invite and manage users

Invite new team members from Flywheel’s dashboard and set user roles with just a few clicks. Local for Teams makes onboarding (or offboarding) team members a breeze.

Complete your workflow with staging deployment

Local for Teams is designed for the perfect workflow. Deploy directly to staging from the Local app and easily set roles for users to prevent deployment directly to production.

Deploy up to 5x faster with MagicSync

Our one-of-a-kind differential deployment technology syncs only the files that have changed since your last push or pull. Deploying with MagicSync and Local for Teams is up to 5x faster than other deployment solutions. Push and pull changes in seconds, not minutes, and get onto your next task!

Get dedicated support from Flywheel’s Happiness Engineers

Stop relying on community support! With Local for Teams, you’ll get access to over 100 Flywheelers ready to help you avoid hiccups and get back to work. Your entire team has access to submit tickets directly from your team’s Workspace.

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