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Install old WordPress version


I’m trying to install an old version of WordPress, the 4.8 to be clear, but I haven’t have luck so far. I ran into this WP Nostalgia repository, but I rather ask about it before moving forward with installing unknown script files. Is this the right solution for my problem or is there a better ‘more official’ solution I can use?


Hi Gio,

This may not be the best way to do it, but this is what I’d do:

  1. Create a new site in Local
  2. Go to Database » Adminer in Local and remove/drop all of the tables in the local database

  1. Browse to the site’s app/public folder and delete all of the files except for wp-config.php

  1. Download the desired release of WordPress here: https://wordpress.org/download/release-archive/
  2. Extract the downloaded WordPress archive into the site’s app/public folder along side the wp-config.php that you kept

  1. Navigate to the site in your browser and you should be prompted to go through the WordPress install process

  1. Go through the WordPress install process
  2. Done!
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That is an interesting script if you frequently need to create a lot sites for testing (though I doubt it will work on Windows without a lot of GNU and some typical paths created).

@clay’s method is what I do and would recommend as well. It’s fairly easy and risk-free. The script that you linked seems like it would be more appropriate for some serious QA testing.

Thank you so much. This solution works for me.

I saw this answer on another post. To downgrade the wp version with wp cli.

wp core update --version=4.9.8 --force

Can use the Core Rollback plugin if you don’t have wp-cli access or not sure which version number to use.