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Local 5.5.1 macOS Catalina stuck at Submitting SSH key when trying to connect to wpengine

I have just download Localwp App for Mac and I didn’t change or do anything I just went over to connect to my WpEngine account I was expecting to see the API login form but I stead the app is stuck at Submitting SSH key.
I googled about the problem but I couldn’t find anyone that has had this problem before, even here doesn’t seem to be any other topic with the same issue.

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I’m seeing the same issue on Catalina 5.5.1 when I try to log into WP engine, is anyone aware of a workaround for this?

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I’m having the same issue, using Local 5.5.1 and macOS High Sierra (10.13.6)

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I am experiencing this same issue.

I am trying to connect a freshly installed Local app (version 5.5.1+3557) on Mac Catalina 10.15.4

I expect to see the modal with inputs for entering API credentials, but instead the application gets hung up on “Submitting SSH key” and eventually times out.

I have tried removing ALL SSH keys from my computer and restarting and this problem persists.

I’ve been chatting with WP Engine support and this was their suggestion:

Thanks again for your patience, I just heard back from the Local dev team and this is what they recommended: We think we have found the source of the issue, which seems to be related to the code obfuscation that happens when new builds are created. Recommended course of action for customers in the interim is to manually install v5.4.1 while we determine a proper fix and get a new build out.
Local 5.4.1

Thanks Jeremy O at WPE!

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Hey everyone, and apologies for the troubles here. We’ve identified the cause of this issue in the 5.5.1 build of Local.

Currently, we are recommending anyone experiencing this problem to downgrade to version 5.4.1 in the meantime.You can download it here: Local 5.4.1

We will make sure that the next release includes a resolution to this problem!

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