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No input file specified using PHP 7.3.5 or 7.4.1 ... 5.6.39 works

Yes local is installed on my C drive and the website files are on drive D. So this is totaly the case for me

Do you have any other tool in the mix – for example, is Dropbox, or another file syncing service running on the D:\\ drive?

I’m not using any file syncing services on my D:\ drive. And I’m not sure this feels like a feature request, isn’t this a bug? I can save and open files from any drive in my computer with all the other apps I use without problems…

I use Google Drive and OneDrive sync, but they are not running most of the time and only when I start them manually once a week

Same case here, Win is installed on C drive while local sites are on D, no Dropbox folder or similar tho.

Web Server Apache PHP 7.4, MySQL 5.7. It was a fresh install on a new machine same error. Nginx is working fine.

Hi @ben.turner,

when you allow users to choose a folder for all sites or each site separately and it works in combination of Nginx and PHP 7.3 but it doesn’t in combination of Apache and PHP 7.3 it is a definitely a bug not a feature…

I am on Windows, I do not use Dropbox and I store Sites on different partition than operating system. I use SpiderOak for data backup, however Sites folder is excluded from monitoring and sync.

  • Nginx and PHP 7.3 on different partition than operating system works
  • Apache and PHP 7.3 on different partition than operating system doesn’t work

php 5.6.39 not work - have same message: No input file specified

php 7 sites - works

i use standart folder (in user home directory)

Thanks everyone for helping zero in on how to replicate the issue. That goes a long way towards being able to find the issue, let alone solve it!

I’ve created an issue for our devs to look into though I don’t have a specific ETA for when it will be worked.

I’m sorry for being unclear – I didn’t mean to imply that the way things are is a good thing. What I was trying to communicate was that having the sites on a different partition is a use case that we haven’t accounted for so it might mean additional, new features need to be added to Local in order to get it to work.

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I am happy to hear that.
I was awaiting this “missing use case” for a long time and would appreciate ETA whenever it will be agreed. Thanks.

i am use windows 7

php 5.6.39 not work - have same message: “No input file specified”
php 7 sites - works ok
use standart folder (in user home directory)

i am use standart creating sites or import from zip, whatever

but on windows 10 all php versions work fine

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