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Hi gang, I’m following the instructions at How do I compile additional PHP extensions? but it’s a mess-- I get weird error messages when I type “make”, I google around to find the dependancies I’m missing, there’s something about a version number and then php_smart_str.h is missing but that means my ./configure command is not using the right /opt/ something something ARGH OH FOR CHRIST’S SAKES I JUST WANT TO MAKE GOOD WORDPRESS SITES, NOT LEARN HOW TO BE A SYSADMIN!!! :slight_smile:

May I suggest…

Please add a nice interface to make it easy to add PHP extensions, or, even better… just ship with a ton of them already enabled/installed/whatever.

For example: I’m trying to use http://php.net/manual/en/book.intl.php
This is a SUPER standard library for anyone who is developing sites that are multi-lingual (for many of your European customers, like me, I’ll bet this is quite common… here in Switzerland we do most work in 2-4 languages…)

To have to jump through a zillion hoops and still not actually succeed in getting it installed on Local really sucks :frowning:

There’s my 2c.

Any ideas for how I can get it going on my setup would be great, too. I can post all the error logs and version numbers and blah blah from my attempts and someone there can look at it, but, damn, that’s a lot of yak shaving. (Google that if you don’t know it. You’ll laugh.)

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Hi @pnoeric,

Haha, I feel your pain and totally agree! I’ve moved this into the #feature-requests so others can vote on this.

If you’re curious, we don’t enable every extension under the sun simply because sites will run slower and it’ll take up more space.

A PHP extension manager is a great idea though and it’s actually something we’ve been thinking about for quite some time. It would make a great add-on as well!

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Thank you Clay, I appreciate your sympathy and understanding of my situation. :slight_smile:

May I suggest a stopgap measure – see what the top 25% of extensions are that everyone uses, and ship local with those pre-installed. I understand and agree that it makes things get bigger and can slow down the site, but IMHO, we’re talking about minimal slowness and disk space is freaking cheap these days.

In the meantime, hopefully others will see the benefit of an extension manager. I agree that it would make an excellent add on.

And I’m not sure how to continue development on this particular site with Local, in the meantime, since I can’t seem to install this internationalization library that I badly need. :frowning:

Sad face in Zürich

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UP !

Still no news regarding this rich idea?