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S3 Wasabi connection issues with Local

I’m using Local to develop a new site that will store and use lots of media, mostly user-uploaded pictures and PDFs. I was already using Wasabi S3 (wasabi.com) as a backup tool and thought it could also be an ideal replacement for on-server media storage.

Testing with two plugins that support this failed, even when using Root Access Key ID and Secret Access Key and the same bucket I successfully connect to with Rclone and DragonDisk on the same machine.

At first I thought the issue was the self-signed certificate having received that error message with one plugin:
“SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain”

However, the problem persists after removing Local’s self-signed certificate and using HTTP on my local machine. Support with the plugin developers and Wasabi has failed to reveal anything so far.

Windows 10
Local 5.6.3


In trying to debug this issue, I have since installed the Media Cloud from Interface Lab and ran into the same problem. After sending in a debug report, here is what one of their tech support said:

"Media Cloud will not run on a Windows hosted WordPress installation.

"Unfortunately Local, which used to be great, decided to drop docker for some other hacked together solution that runs on top of your current OS. It’s super fast now, but you’ll run into issues like what you are currently running into.

"We also don’t recommend Wasabi for this kind of thing. We recommend Amazon, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean.

“Media Cloud Support”

Wasabi’s tech support has also not provided any further insights into this beyond telling me to figure the certificate problem on my own or ask someone else.

I’d be thrilled to help find a solution or workaround but am at a loss so far.