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Support more PHP versions

It would be very helpful if Local supported PHP 5.5 as some sites I manage still run on that version. Ideally, it would be nice if you added PHP 5.4 too, and of course PHP 7.1 now that it has been released.


As PHP 7.1 has been released, adding that, and the latest 7.0.x too.


+1. Need more PHP versions for local testing. Thanks!


Any more thoughts on this @clay ? Some simple method of adding different versions based upon something like how MAMP adds additional version would be great and it would make updates less dependent upon Flywheel.

Thanks all! This is definitely on our roadmap. New and additional versions of PHP is something we’d like to continue to provide while maintaining great performance & an acceptable download size.

Please keep the votes coming so we know which features are most important to you!

Thanks Mandy. Great to know that it’s on your roadmap.

In the meantime, is it feasible to manually change the PHP version for any given docker instance by SSH’ing into the instance? Any guidance/pointers on how to do that would be most helpful.