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Using ManageWP with Local (HowTo)

tldr; You can make ManageWP’s Sync Local tool work if you edit the wp-config.php file to include your database’s port number. And downloading backups from ManageWP import well into Local using Locals Import function.

A little background

We use ManageWP and multiple hosts. TBH, at this point not sure I can live without it.
We REALLY wanted to use Local and ManageWP together somehow. We even tried the new Livelink with no real luck.

While using the ManageWP - Local Sync (beta)-, it would authenticate but then errored out.
It was crashing when connecting to the database. Hmm
The error was connection actively refused. I see that often since I use docker and get the port wrong for the database.

So I went into the wp-config.php file.

/** MySQL hostname */
define( ‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’ );

Wait, no port number, hmmm, what if I do this?

define( ‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost:10004’ ); (use the correct port number of course)

Ok after putting the port number in BOOM !
ManageWP will sync back and forth !!
There are a couple of error messages but seems to be files that should not be synced anyway. The cool thing is, its a real sync using Diffs rather than ManageWPs clone.

OH, also if you have not discovered it yet. In ManageWP, you can download a backup of a WordPress site. That backup imports well into local by using local’s import function.

A couple of caveats;

  1. The sites I am syncing originated from ManageWP and were brought down and added to local with the backup method I just listed. I have not yet tried creating a site and pushing it to an existing ManageWP site.
  2. I am using Local version 5.6.3+ (Pro) on Windows 10.
  3. have not done a deep dive into all the sync abilities yet tose what works and does not. However, at this point, it would be a ManageWP issue not Local

Thanks! I’m still trying to get to know how to work this tool but I appreciate you letting me know that it’s possible. lol