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Wordfence alternatives?

Hi all,

I have been looking for a plugin that includes a firewall and two-factor authentication.

I have ran into some problems installing Wordfence via Local and then onto the live site. I may well give it another go.

However, just wanted to ask - would anyone else recommend a security plugin that covers the above requirements?

Thanks for any guidance.


For 2FA, you can check out https://wordpress.org/plugins/two-factor/

For your firewall, though, I’m from the school of thought that believes security plugins are generally not worth installing. They often have a heavy impact on performance, can introduce many security vulnerabilities of their own and don’t always provide more useful defence than you can get through sensible configuration and consistent maintenance of your site. If you’re willing and able to pay for protection, you’re probably better off with a WAF like Securi or Cloudflare than relying on a plugin.

Thanks for the link and guidance genyus.

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I use Wordfence on some and WebARX on other sites: https://www.webarxsecurity.com/

Thanks TyantA.