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WP Synchro Rest Error


I am trying to use wpsynchro:

with local wp however I get the following error message:

REST error - Cannot reach ‘initiate’ REST service - Check that REST services is accessible and not being blocked

Please see screenshot below:

I’m not sure if this error is because WP Synchro is not compatible with local wp or if I need to upgrade to pro to get it working.

Either case if someone could please let me know if would be greatly appreciated.



Hey @mattfraser, welcome to the forums!

I was able to take a closer look at this plugin and I think that everything should be working it looks like everything is supposed to working correctly. To be specific, I zeroed in on the REST endpoint that the plugin is trying to reach and was able to reach it via curl:

The one thing that seems odd (or maybe be contributing) is that there’s a bunch of binary data (I think from gzip) in the response, which I think would be related to the DEFLATE header.

Are you able to reach out to the WPSynchro devs to get a better idea of what their test is trying to do and the kind of configuration that they are needing for the plugin to work?

Hey Ben,

Thanks for looking into this for me. I did reach out to the developer and heard back from him:

Yes, this is a known issue with LocalWP.

The short story is that LocalWP runs in a virtual machine, where the site cannot call services on itself.

And because WP Synchro does that, it fails.

A few guys from LocalWP just contacted me (based on your question on Twitter) and I sent them a long explanation about the issue and how they can fix it.

I just sent it 5 mins ago, so hopefully they will fix it on their end as it might also generate problems with other plugins.

There is no current workaround to get it working, until they either make a fix or I change WP Synchro to work in another way.

If I hear something from them, I will let you know.

I highly enjoyed using Local WP for the most part but I have discovered another local server solution and have made the switch and WP Synchro is working with it.

Had Local WP had a solution, such as Magic Sync as a standalone plugin rather than only working with wpengine or getflywheel hosting I would have gladly paid for it.

If Local WP does find a way to get plugins like WP Synchro working with it, I would be glad to consider moving back.



Thanks for getting back to this post! I’m glad that the devs are talking, especially since this piece of information is no longer accurate with the latest version of Local (+5.x).

We’re always looking for ways to improve Local, but I’m also glad you found a solution that works for your needs!

Hey Matt,

Appreciate the follow-up. As WP Synchro said, we e-mailed them and we’re in communication.

It’s worth pointing out that this is not entirely accurate. While Local did use virtualization in Local Classic, we accounted for this specific use-case of sites needing to ping themselves or other Local sites.

Like @ben.turner, in newer versions of Local (v5+), Local relies on native services that have access to the host’s networking layer which means whatever you can access in your browser, the Local site should be able to as well.

I hope that all makes sense and helps the WP Synchro devs zero in on what’s going on! As much as you and WP Synchro, we’re eager to get to the bottom of this!

Clay, thanks so much for responding. I switched to using laragon as I discovered it on the WP Synchro website and got it seamlessly working without any effort.

However…I do prefer Local WP and am glad you created it.

I’ll try to reinstall Local WP and see if I can get it working and if not, I’ll submit some logs.