Fixing Cloud Backups integration with Dropbox

Thanks to the Local Community, we were notified pretty quickly about the Cloud Backups integration with Dropbox being broken.

While this issue has definitely taken longer to fix than we like, we’re putting the finishing touches on a solution to allow all users to easily backup up their Local sites to Dropbox. This upgrade will be finalized on Monday, October 25, 2021.

We explored a number of ways to implement this fix in a way that wouldn’t cause any disruptions, however the only solution available requires us to break the existing connection.

This means that as part of the upgrade, any users that are currently using the Cloud Backups connection to Dropbox will lose their current connection and have to re-authenticate with Dropbox.

In addition to needing to re-authenticate, the Local App will no longer be able to backup or restore a site from those backups created using the original connection.


Even though backups created using the original connection to Dropbox won’t be accessible through the Local UI, as long as you have access to the App/Local Backups folder within Dropbox, you can manually restore a site using the Restic command-line tool.

More details about that process can be found in this Help Doc: Manually Restore a Cloud Backup with Restic

A screenshot of a user's Dropbox account showing the original Cloud Backups folder.

Next Steps

With the upgrade finishing on Monday, October 25, you are strongly encouraged to use the Local App to download any backups you wish to have easy access to. Again, the original backup repository will still exist and be usable on Dropbox after the upgrade, however the steps needed to restore a backup will be much more involved.

After the upgrade completes, you can easily start using the Cloud Backups add-on again by logging into the Local Web account and clicking the “Connect” button on the Cloud Backups Page.

A screenshot of the Local Account, showing where to connect to the Dropbox account.