Live Links - Local

Live Links

Transform your locally-built site into a shareable test environment with
just a few clicks

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Share your site without deploying to staging or production

Review and test your sites with provisioned site tunnels from your Local account.

Share and review with your team

Live Links turns your locally-built site into a working test environment with editable credentials. Send direct links to your clients and coworkers with just a few clicks.

Test across multiple devices

Review and optimize your sites on almost any device to perfect your user experience. Live Links uses a direct connection to your machine to give the most accurate preview for your work.

Instantly preview changes

Watch your changes appear almost immediately using Live Links combined with our Instant Reload feature. Say goodbye to constantly clicking “refresh.”

Advanced functionality keeps you
working quickly and securely

Get faster feedback on your site updates with Live Links!

Customizable Credentials

Control how you present yourself to clients by editing your username and password, refreshing the URL, and copying the details with just a click!

Built-in security measures

Live Links forces privacy mode and HTTPS to keep bots, search engines, and automated attack traffic from finding your local site.

Simplified configuration

Live Links gives you the power to connect to your local machine and avoid complex setups and terminal commands.

Single, persistent URLs

Each site gets a continuous, unique Live Link so you only need to send it once. The URL stays the same across sessions!