Build an add-on for Local

Contribute to the Local community and craft your own Add-on!

Quickstart: Create Local Add-on

Use the Create Local Add-on package to get up-and-running quickly:

npx create-local-addon


Add-on Docs

Check out the Local Add-on Documentation to help plan and build your Add-on.


Use the Local Component Library’s Storybook site to become familiar with all the components that are available for you to use.

Typescript API

Dive into the Add-on Typescript API to discover all the tools available for your Add-on.


How-to Guides

In-depth guides related to Local Add-ons.

Components Library

Local’s UI components for use in Add-ons.

Example Add-ons

Examine the source code of Add-ons in the Add-on Library.

Add-ons for Local Classic

Older versions of Local made use of Docker. Because of this, many of the Add-ons that were created for Local Classic are no longer useful. The links in this section are meant for reference only.

For more information about Local Classic reaching it’s end-of-life and how to migrate to Local Lightning, see this help doc:

Example Add-ons

While these add-ons won’t break on recent versions of Local (+5.0.x), they were built for when Local made use of Docker and linked for reference only.

Community Guides

These community-created guides are for building Add-ons for Local Classic.