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How to Use TablePlus with Local

There are many tools available that you can use to connect to your Local site databases. One available tool is TablePlus, an easy-to-use database manager for Windows and Mac.


Install TablePlus


Find Local Database Information

We’ll need to copy several lines of information from Local into TablePlus. Open the site you want to connect to and click on the Database tab.


Make sure you have started the site in Local in order for TablePlus to properly connect. Keep Local running while you’re using TablePlus.


Create a New Connection

Choose “Create a new connection…” then pick MySQL and click Create.


Copy Local Database Details

Copy the host, socket, database name, username, and password into the MySQL Connection window.

Check “Use socket” before copying the socket details.

After copying your site details from Local, click “Test”. You should see several green fields if the connection was established successfully. If so, click “Connect” and start editing!


Looking for additional reading? TablePlus has a lot of great resources on this page.