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Using Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker is a tool that Local Pro users can use to scan and find links on their website that no longer lead to accessible locations. You can find the Broken Link Checker on the “Tools” tab of a site within Local.

A view of the Link Checker tool.

Manually checking for broken links is tedious, and automated solutions like those used by WordPress plugins can be very taxing on a system. If you think about what is trying to be done, the machine needs to:

  • Open each page on a site
  • Scan that page, and open each link to see if the link still works

Because of this, we recommend using a tool like the Link Checker within Local so that it’s not running on the production site and competing for resources with the requests made by your end users.

Additionally, because this is running on your offline machine, you don’t risk exposing new content to the world before it’s been published.


Remember that Local’s Link Checker has to open each page of a site and verify that each link points to an active target.

Depending on the hardware of the machine and the size of the site, this can take quite a while.

Completed Scan

Once a scan has been completed, you can examine the list of links and quickly connect to the edit page within the WordPress admin. This list of links is persistent, so for a scan that has many broken links, you can close Local and return to this list at a later time.

A completed scan with two links that return a 404 response code.