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Live Links FAQ


We provide Live Links as a free service via the Free tier of ngrok. Upgrade to Live Links Pro for better support, performance, and reliability.

Error: Too Many Connections

Live Links are powered by ngrok’s Free tier of service and have low connection limits:

For quick demos and other simple tunneling needs.

HTTP/TCP tunnels on random URLs/ports
1 online ngrok process
4 tunnels/ngrok process
40 connections / minute


Upgrade to Live Links Pro for unlimited connections.

Missing images, assets, website elements

Live Links don’t match your Local Site URL (ie: mysite.local), so Local attempts to rewrite these on the fly. Live Links is broadly compatible with many themes, plugins, and custom code snippets. However, some images, front-end assets, or other HTML elements may be missing from your site when viewing it over a Live Links. Try the tips below:

  1. Run the following WP-CLI command
    wp search-replace 'SITEURL' 'LOCALURL' --skip-columns=guid

    Replace SITEURL with your production URL like https://localwp.com
    Replace LOCALURL is your Local Site URL like http://mysite.local
  2. Trust Local’s SSL certificate
  3. Disable certain types of plugins: caching, security, force HTTPS/SSL
  4. Increase connection limit with Live Links Pro