Troubleshoot: Connect to WP Engine

Most issues connecting to WP Engine via Local Connect can be solved by simply logging out and logging back in. This causes new API credentials and a new SSH key to be generated for the account.

Reconnect Local to WP Engine

To reconnect Local to WP Engine, open the Connect tab within Local to complete the process.

  1. Open Local on your computer
  2. Click the Connect icon in the sidebar
  3. Click My Hosts in the top right
  4. Log out of WP Engine
  5. Click Connect to a platform
  6. Click Log in next to the WP Engine logo
  7. Enter your WP Engine credentials in the browser window
  8. The browser should refocus Local and a list of the available sites will be shown in the app
Pop up modal that allows a user to log in to WP Engine or Flywheel.

See WP Engine’s guide for more information on the WPE API.