How to Backup a Local Site

Like other files on your computer, we recommend you backup your Local Sites to avoid data loss and protect your hard work.


Local Sites are stored in ~/Local Sites, and you may be able to recover sites from this directory. However, follow the instructions below for a complete backup.


Start Your Local Site

Click “Start Site” on your Local Site to start it.


Right-click Export

For a complete copy of your site, right-click on your site and choose “Export”. This will include site files and database in a single .zip archive.

Then click “Export Site”. Depending on the size of the site, exports can take several minutes.

Success! You now have a backup of your Local Site. Simply drag this .zip archive into Local to import from backup.


Bonus: if you export your site to your computer and also backup your computer (ie: to an external hard drive), you’ll backup your Local Site backup for extra protection!