Getting Started with Connect to WP Engine

Local Connect supports Flywheel and WP Engine. Follow along below to Connect Local to WP Engine and launch sites faster!


Enable API Access

Go to the API Access page to manage API settings and click “Manage”. Next, click to enable “Account API Access”.


Generate API Credentials

Now that Account API Access is enabled, go to the API Access page to generate API credentials. Click “Generate credentials”.

Leave this window open because you’ll need to copy your API Username and API Password into Local. After copying this information into Local, you can close this window.


Install Local 5.2+

Make sure you’re running the latest version of Local.


Log Into WP Engine within Local

The last thing is to use the credentials that were generated on WP Engine’s site to log into Local!

Connect to WP Engine FAQ

Does Local Connect to WP Engine support Atlas sites?

While Local Connect does not support a full Atlas push/pull, the functionality is available specifically for the WordPress install and files of the site. It does not currently support pushing and pulling the frontend to and from an Atlas site on WP Engine.

You can learn more about Atlas and Headless WordPress at