Live Links

Live Links are a quick and simple way to share the progress of your Local site with a client or teammate without having to move it to a remote server.

In earlier versions of Live Links, the settings were randomly generated and couldn’t be edited. With the release of version 6.1.5 of Local, you can edit the username and password of a Live Live link, as well as regenerate a new Live Link URL!

This allows you to embrace Local’s playfulness in your day-to-day workflow as well as polish your brand when sharing with that, um, refined client.

To control these new settings, disable the Live Link and navigate to the “Live Links” page under the “Tools” tab of a site.

Live Links is broadly compatible with many themes, plugins, and custom code snippets. However, some images, front-end assets, or other HTML elements may be missing from your site when viewing it over Live Links. If you’re having issues you might open up the console of the page and see what errors are present. Is it still showing errors related to mixed or insecure content? Or something else?

Live Links don’t match your Local Site URL (ie: mysite.local), so Local attempts to rewrite these on the fly but sometimes it doesn’t catch everything. As a first step, you can try running a search and replace command to help clean up any mixed content type errors. To do this you can simply click on Open Site Shell in your Local app under your site name. The command would look something like this:

wp search-replace 'SITEURL' 'LOCALURL' --skip-columns=guid

As a tip, you would:

Make sure you Trust Local’s SSL certificate, to help avoid insecure content. Additionally, check for any plugins that could be getting in the way if they are trying to handle SSL/HTTPS.

If you’re still noticing issues, check to see if you have plugins or themes that retain caching or have a “Regenerate CSS” option. These may need to be refreshed in order for changes to be displayed.

You might try viewing it in an incognito window, a different browser, or over LTE Data instead of WiFi to see if browser caching is getting in the way as well.