What is a Local account?

Local is the best offline WordPress development tool and if you’re only creating and managing sites on your local machine, a Local account isn’t necessary.

However, having a Local account is necessary for Local to improve your workflow for things that require a connection to the internet. This includes features like sharing a direct connection to your Local site via a Live Link, or automating backups of your Local site to the cloud with the Cloud Backups add-on.

To enable these features, log into your Local Account in your browser and connect Local to it!

Logging into your Local Account

Your Local account can be accessed a few different ways:

  1. Manually creating an account using an email and password.
  2. Using a Single Sign On (SSO) with either your Github or Google account.
  3. Sending a Magic Link to your email.

Instead of creating and remembering complex passwords, your Local account can use of Magic Link to log in! All you have to do is request a Magic Link be sent to your email from the Login page.

Within a couple of minutes of clicking the “Send Magic Link” button, you should receive an email containing a link for logging in!

Connecting Local to your Local Account

Once you have a Local account, connecting Local to it is easy! Click on the avatar image in the upper-left corner of Local and select “Log into Local.” Follow the instructions to complete the connection!

A screenshot of where to click to connect Local to your Local account.
Click the avatar in the upper-left corner to connect Local to your Local account.

Deleting a Local Account

Deleting a Local account is easy and can be done from your account dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard, check the “I understand…” option and delete your account.

Where to delete your Local Account.