What is a Local account?

Local is the best offline WordPress development tool and if you’re only creating and managing sites on your local machine, a Local account isn’t necessary.

However, having a Local account is necessary for Local to improve your workflow for things that require a connection to the internet. This includes features like sharing a direct connection to your Local site via a Live Link, or automating backups of your Local site to the cloud with the Cloud Backups add-on.

To enable these features, log into your Local Account in your browser and connect Local to it!

Logging into your Local Account

Your Local account can be accessed a few different ways:

  1. Manually creating an account using an email and password.
  2. Using a Single Sign On (SSO) with either your Github or Google account.
  3. Sending a Magic Link to your email.

Logging in with a Magic Link

Instead of creating and remembering complex passwords, your Local account can use of Magic Link to log in! All you have to do is request a Magic Link be sent to your email from the Login page.

Within a couple of minutes of clicking the “Send Magic Link” button, you should receive an email containing a link for logging in!

Connecting Local to your Local Account

Once you have a Local account, connecting Local to it is easy! Click on the avatar image in the upper-left corner of Local and select “Log into Local.” Follow the instructions to complete the connection!

A screenshot of where to click to connect Local to your Local account.
Click the avatar in the upper-left corner to connect Local to your Local account.